Watts Empowerment Center

Why Watts?

10% of Simply Trees profits during the month of December will go towards supporting The Watts Empowerment Center.

This holiday season, Simply Trees extends its spirit of giving beyond Texas, deepening our roots in communities far and wide. Our commitment runs deep and personal, with many team members who once lived in Southern California having dedicated their efforts to serving the Watts community at the Watts Empowerment Center. Despite being a mere 13 miles from the Pacific Ocean, many adults and children in Watts have never experienced its beauty, hindered by gang territories that restrict even small movements within their neighborhood. The living conditions in Watts are not just underprivileged but unsafe, often unimaginable to those unfamiliar with such struggles. Many of us at Simply Trees, driven by a deep desire to uplift the community, volunteer at Watts Empowerment Center whenever we return to Los Angeles. Our donations this holiday season and beyond, are a testament to our commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in Watts, embodying the true spirit of community support and compassion.

How Donations Help This Community

The Watts Empowerment Center serves a crucial role in one of Los Angeles' most underserved communities. The majority of the population in Watts, including a large number of children, live below the national poverty line. The area is characterized by high rates of school dropouts, low college attendance, and the largest concentration of single mother-led families in California. Additionally, the residents face significant challenges, such as a stark life expectancy gap compared to wealthier areas and a high concentration of gang activity. Donations to the Watts Empowerment Center are vital in providing much-needed resources and support to help improve the quality of life and future prospects for this young and vulnerable population.

Red Eye

Red Eye is an expansive international non-profit organization with a far-reaching impact in cities like Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, London, Paris, and Sydney. This organization is dedicated to serving underprivileged communities, offering a wide array of opportunities that are often inaccessible to those in need. Their diverse resources include sports leagues, after-school tutoring, a STEM media lab, culinary arts, performing arts studios, and programs in music, acting, and fashion design. They also offer practical skills workshops like resume building, etiquette courses, anti-bullying classes, and mental health/stress management support. At its core, Red Eye fosters a 24/7 community for culture creators, influencers, and leaders to empower and support their own dreams while developing their talents and those of the next generation. By mentoring those in need and bridging cultural extremes, Red Eye is committed to changing the world.