Sizing Information

Hey there, plant and tree enthusiasts! We get it, size matters when it comes to picking out the perfect green addition for your space. So let's dive into the nitty-gritty on how sizing works in our world of fabulous foliage.

First off, about the gallon sizing: It's sort of like the "medium, large, extra-large" of the plant kingdom. But, here's the catch—different vendors and growers may have their own interpretation of what, say, a "3-gallon" plant should look like. One grower's 3-gallon hibiscus might be bushier and taller than another's. It’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario. So keep in mind that gallon sizes are more of a general guideline rather than a strict measurement.

Our fruit and citrus trees are often used as outdoor patio or indoor plants, and are grown in pots. For this reason, the height measurements provided for these trees are taken from the base of the pot to the top of the tree, to ensure precise and consistent sizing information for our customers.

Now, let’s chat about why some of our plants or trees might arrive a smidge shorter than what you saw on our website. First, the time of year can make a huge difference. Some plants go through a seasonal slow-down and might not be at their peak height when you get them. Also, other factors like weather conditions and soil quality can impact their size. Occasionally, it becomes necessary to cut back our trees to promote healthier growth and maintain their shape. As a result of this essential pruning process, some trees may be shorter when delivered.

But here's the great news—plants grow! Unlike that shirt or pair of pants that is too small, your tree or plant will naturally work its way up to its expected mature height over time. That’s the beauty of nature, right?

On that note, we have to tell you that we don't offer refunds or replacements if your new green friend is a few inches shy of its listed height. Rest assured, if it's a healthy plant or tree, it’s going to grow. Our plants and trees are premium quality rarities that you won’t easily find at your local nursery. So, they're worth the wait!

As for large orders, say 10 plants or more, we can’t guarantee they'll all be identical twins in height and/or width. They're individual beauties, each with their own quirks. Size is a fluid concept in the plant world, and the most important thing is to enjoy the journey as your new leafy companions flourish and grow. Happy planting, folks!