What is the difference between a Skyrocket and Blue Arrow Juniper

What is the difference between a Skyrocket and Blue Arrow Juniper?

Dec 07, 2023

Are you eyeing up a Juniper for your garden but caught in the Skyrocket Juniper vs Blue Arrow Juniper debate? It's a common question among garden enthusiasts. While both are stunning in their own right, there are some subtle differences that might sway your decision. Let's break it down.

Skyrocket Juniper: A Garden's Rocket to the Sky

The Skyrocket Juniper is a popular choice for adding vertical drama to gardens. It’s known for:

  • Sky-High Growth: Living up to its name, the Skyrocket soars upwards, offering a slim, columnar shape. It's perfect for tight spaces or adding height to your landscape design.
  • Vibrant Green Hue: Its foliage is a rich green, bringing a lively pop of color to your garden throughout the year.
  • Space Saver: With its narrow growth, it’s ideal for smaller gardens or as an accent plant in larger landscapes.

Blue Arrow Juniper: The Sleek, Blue-Hued Alternative

On the other side, the Blue Arrow Juniper offers its unique charm. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Striking Blue Foliage: The Blue Arrow boasts a distinctive blue-gray foliage, adding a cool, serene vibe to your garden.
  • Dense and Upright: It grows densely, with a slightly more upright and rigid posture than the Skyrocket.
  • Versatile and Hardy: Equally as hardy as the Skyrocket, the Blue Arrow is versatile and fits well in various landscape styles, especially where a splash of cool color is desired.

The Key Differences between the Skyrocket Juniper and Blue Arrow Juniper

So, what's the bottom line in the Skyrocket vs Blue Arrow Juniper comparison? It boils down to:

  • Color: Skyrocket is greener, while Blue Arrow offers blue-gray tones.
  • Density and Texture: Skyrocket has a slightly looser form, whereas Blue Arrow is denser and more rigid.

Both Junipers are hardy, low-maintenance, and offer year-round interest. They're excellent choices for privacy screens, windbreaks, or simply as elegant, upright accents in your garden.

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