how to repair common damage to arborvitae

Reviving Your Arborvitae: Repairing Common Damage

Jan 03, 2024

Emerald Green Arborvitae, a favorite for hedges and privacy screens, can face several environmental challenges, including heavy snow, wind, pest issues, and notably, salt damage, particularly in coastal areas. Here’s how to repair and rejuvenate your Arborvitae from these common stressors, ensuring they remain a lush feature in your garden.

Addressing Snow Damage

Heavy snow can weigh down and break Arborvitae branches. To manage this:

  • Remove Snow Gently: Brush off snow from the branches to prevent breakage.
  • Prune Broken Branches: Cut back any broken branches to healthy wood to encourage regrowth.
  • Tie Bent Branches: If branches are bent, use soft plant ties to gently coax them back into shape.

Managing Salt Damage

Salt spray and soil salt accumulation can be detrimental to Arborvitae, especially in coastal regions.

  • Identifying Salt Damage: Look for browning or yellowing of foliage, often on the side facing the ocean.
  • Rinse and Water: Gently rinse the foliage with fresh water to remove salt accumulation. Deeply water the soil to help leach out the salt.
  • Soil Amendments: Adding gypsum to the soil can help displace sodium ions and improve soil structure.
  • Mulching: Apply organic mulch around the base to help reduce salt penetration and conserve soil moisture.

Combatting Other Stresses

  • Windburn: Protect Arborvitae from strong winds with burlap screens. Prune any damaged foliage in the spring.
  • Drought Stress: Ensure adequate watering and use mulch to retain soil moisture.
  • Pests and Diseases: Inspect regularly and treat promptly with suitable methods.

General Recovery Care

  • Fertilizing: A slow-release fertilizer in spring can encourage healthy new growth.
  • Regular Watering: Keep the soil moist, especially during the recovery period.
  • Pruning: Light pruning can stimulate growth and improve the overall shape of the plant.

Restoring Health to Your Arborvitae

With proper care, Emerald Green Arborvitae can recover from environmental damage, including the challenges of coastal salt exposure. Addressing these issues promptly will ensure the health and beauty of these evergreens for years to come.

For more advice on caring for Emerald Green Arborvitae and other landscape plants, Simply Trees is here to help. Our expertise can guide you in nurturing your garden through every season and challenge. Let’s bring vitality back to your Arborvitae!

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